"My art has often used music and the landscape as a reference point to create. I am interested in movement, sound and energy, which surrounds us all and provides me with the basis for my compositions. Texture has also played a part in my creative process, observing those forms which can be man made to those created by nature".


Sites that print and sell my art

New Artwork
Night Moves
Web no. 2 
Urban rainfall

The Components of Rhythm

This is a small portable gallery that literally pops up outside on the streets of london, selling directly to the public

Outside Tate Modern

Whirling Dervishes no. 2

Untitlted 5 . 

Homeless no. 1

Brass on wood

The Journey no.3

Magazine Publications

Sleep no. 2 


Sleepwalking no.1.

Untitled no. 30 



To hear the complete album from this video click on the link below

Electroland 1

Rain no. 1

Twilight Bass

Rain no. 2 

Recline no. 1 

Open-air Gallery

 A permanent  art display open to the general public.

 I will be updating this installation periodically

Currently on show at Kingston museum

Radiculopathy 1

Japanese Woman

Dance of the forest

The Journey no. 5
The Journey no. 6

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